Types of Sinusitis Surgery

endoscopic sinus surgery Image: mayoclinic.org
endoscopic sinus surgery
Image: mayoclinic.org

Dr. William B. Clark leads as owner of ENT Associates of Northwest Florida. There, Dr. William B. Clark performs sinusitis surgeries and other procedures that address ear, nose, and throat conditions.

When the sinus cavity has become blocked and is failing to drain correctly, surgery may be the most effective way of opening the passages. It typically involves clearing the blockage and encouraging the draining of mucus, which in turn helps to clear infection. Traditionally, the process has required the surgeon to gain access to the sinuses via an opening through the mouth or face.

Thanks to advancements in surgical technique and equipment, however, many patients now have the option of undergoing endoscopic sinus surgery. This procedure uses a specially designed lighted metal scope, which passes through the nostril and into the sinuses. A tiny camera at the end of the scope allows the surgeon to visualize and remove blockages.

Patients who undergo any form of sinus surgery should be careful to follow all post-operative instructions. These typically include bed rest with head elevation, regular moisturizing of nasal passages, and the avoidance of exposure to upper respiratory infection.