The American Cancer Society Research Efforts


American Cancer Society pic
American Cancer Society

Focusing on head and neck surgical interventions since 1991, Dr. William B. Clark treats patients at ENT Associates of Northwest Florida in Pensacola. Active in charitable donations, Dr. William B. Clark gives to the American Cancer Society.

This community-based organization enlists the efforts of millions as it strives to wipe out cancer as a significant health threat. It launched its cancer prevention studies in the 1950s, searching over the long term for medical and behavioral factors in the onset of cancer. These efforts found links between smoking and cancer, obesity and cancer, and other connections.

The society has moved from studying tobacco use to curbing it. It is now investigating the economic aspects of controlling tobacco use in low- to middle-income populations.

The American Cancer Society has also been one of the first organizations to look into how psychosocial and behavioral habits play a role in controlling cancer. It seeks to learn the effects of quality of life, family life, and the medical care of survivors.

Finally, the society spends over $7 million annually in prevention research to determine the impact of vaccines, hormones, diet, and physical fitness.


Special Olympics Florida Hosts Open Water Swimming Event

Special Olympics Florida pic
Special Olympics Florida

Dr. William B. Clark is a head, nose, and throat surgeon based in Pensacola, Florida. Dr. William B. Clark supports several charities, including the Special Olympics.

Recently, the Florida chapter of the Special Olympics hosted the first open water swimming clinic and competition in Miami. Open water swimming competitions happen in lakes, rivers, or the ocean where natural currents and deep water are added challenges for athletes. The sport debuted at the Athens, Greece Special Olympics World Summer Games in 2011 as a demonstration sport.

The clinic will give athletes an opportunity to familiarize themselves with open water swimming and learn the best techniques for training. The competition, held the following day, will include 800 meter, one mile, 5 and ten kilometer events and an awards ceremony will be held afterward.

The event is made possible with the collaboration of Swim Miami, which is an annual open water swimming event hosted by the H2O Foundation, an organization that aims to prevent drowning accidents and promote water safety in South Florida.