Ear Tubes to Treat Chronic Childhood Ear Infections

Chronic Childhood Ear Infections pic
Chronic Childhood Ear Infections
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An expert in treating nose, ear, and throat conditions, otolaryngologist Dr. William B. Clark practices in northwest Florida. As well as evaluating patients’ symptoms, Dr. William B. Clark performs surgeries such as the insertion of ear tubes to relieve pressure.

The majority of kids have experienced a viral or bacterial ear infection before they turn five. In many cases, these common conditions resolve themselves on their own. However, sometimes they become a chronic problem and cause ongoing ear pain and difficulty hearing. As a result, these children might experience trouble sleeping, difficulties in school, or behavioral issues. Trouble with speech or balance may also occur.

If a child is experiencing these symptoms, a doctor might recommend that the child get ear tubes, which can decrease the likelihood of future infections as well as the risk of hearing loss. The procedure, which over a half million children receive each year, typically takes about fifteen minutes while the patient is under general anesthesia. Afterward, the patient usually experiences little discomfort, and hearing issues caused by fluid in the middle ear go away right away. However, other problems, such as problems related to speaking and maintaining balance, may take a few weeks or months to resolve. A doctor can provide more information on the ear tube insertion procedure, as well as its potential benefits and risks.