Ear, Nose, and Throat 101 – Ear Ventilation Tubes

ear ventilation tubes
ear ventilation tubes


An ear, nose, and throat (ENT) physician and former lieutenant commander in the US Navy, Dr. William B. Clark is the owner of ENT Associates of Northwest Florida. Dr. William B. Clark performs a full range of ENT procedures, including the placement of ear ventilation tubes.

One of the most common procedures performed by ENT physicians, ear ventilation tubes are typically used to treat chronic infections of the middle ear. When fluid becomes trapped behind the eardrum, bacteria may take advantage of the ideal growing environment and cause an infection. Left untreated, middle ear infections can lead to permanent hearing loss.

The procedure itself involves a small incision in the eardrum and placement of a tube in the opening, allowing fluid to drain out. Adult tubes can be placed in office, while children generally require anesthesia. Ear infections can still occur with the tube in place, however, and treatment usually involves antibiotic ear drops rather than systemic antibiotics. Ear tubes remain in place for approximately one year, at which point they fall out on their own.


ACS Releases Fourth Edition of Its Cookbook


American Cancer Society pic
American Cancer Society
Image: cancer.org

The owner of ENT Associates of Northwest Florida, Dr. William B. Clark primarily focuses on the surgical treatment of a wide range of ear, nose, and throat issues. Throughout the course of his work, Dr. William B. Clark has interacted with and provided support for numerous charitable organizations such as the American Cancer Society.

Containing up to 120 recipes that are touted by the American Cancer Society, the fourth edition of the ACS’s New Healthy Eating Cookbook can now be found on bookstore shelves. All of the recipes contained in the cookbook have the stamp of approval from ACS’s nutrition experts.

Jeanne Besser is the cookbook’s author, and she has drawn upon a wide variety of different cuisines to provide culinary offerings to readers that are suitable for differing eating occasions: soups, salads, breakfasts, main dishes, and desserts.

The New Healthy Eating Cookbook can currently be obtained in print or as an eBook, and is available for purchase wherever books are sold.